T-REXS: the new risk analysis tool


T-REXS: the new risk analysis tool

A careful and continuous risk analysis is a fundamental part of corporate due diligence and the review process 2021. The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles has now introduced a new IT tool: the Textile Risk Expert System (T-REXS). It helps to analyse and prioritise social, environmental and corruption risks in supply chains.

T-REXS guides the risk analysis in a structured and user-friendly way. Step by step, it helps

  • determine abstract risks in the supply chain.
  • compile information on the probability of risks occurring, taking into account mitigation measures and previous incidents.
  • identify those specific risks that are particularly relevant in the respective supply chains.
  • prioritise the most serious risks.

The analysis steps include data uploads and downloads, space for own entries, analyses and review of the information and instructions. The work process can be interrupted at any time and the progress saved. Practical instructions on each page guide through the work steps. In addition, extensive background information is available.

The result is a deeper understanding of abstract risks, existing mitigation processes and concrete and company-specific risks. All the information are available for download in the form of a report template at the end.

The use of T-REXS is not obligatory for Partnership members in the review process. The tool is available in German and English. If you have any questions, feedback or technical problems, please contact the review team of the Partnership secretariat (review@textilbuendnis.com).

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