Pilot Project Organic Cotton in India

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Pilot Project on Organic Cotton in India

Investing in organic and fair trade cotton in India: A partnership model to increase the supply of organic cotton in the global market.
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Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber in the global textile sector. The demand for organic cotton has hugely accelerated over the past years. However, one of the biggest challenge in the sector is aligning the growing demand for certified organic cotton with its availability. At the same time, the risk of contaminated cotton from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) needs to be decreased. 

In the organic cotton pilot project in India (South Odisha), several companies and organisations have joined efforts.

Their objective is to to increase the amount of available organic cotton on the world market through a variety of measures including training, empowerment of women, support in the conversion to organic cultivation, GMO-free seeds, purchase guarantees and premiums. 

Based on the learnings from the pilot project, the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles is planning a Partnership Initiative for organic cotton in India. Brands, retailers and standard organisations are invited to participate.

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Cooperation Partners

Transfair e.V. (Fairtrade Germany), Tchibo GmbH, Dibella b.v. and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Chetna – FFID, Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA)


June 2020 to March 2023



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