Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien

From here you can access the internal member area, log into TexPerT and into the system for editing your member profile. The access to all these systems are reserved for representatives of Partnership members. For questions or problems please contact mail@textilbuendnis.com.

Members area

It is in this closed area that much of the Partnership's work takes place: Members receive up-to-date information from the Partnership Secretariat, expert groups exchange technical information and members discuss the latest developments in the Partnership.

Textiles Partnership Performance Tool (TexPerT) programme

The software allows members to create and publish their baselines, roadmaps and progress reports. You can login when the next period of the review process starts.

Textile Risk Expert System (T-REXS)

T-REXS is a tool that allows Partnership members to analyze and prioritize risks in their supply chain. On this basis, they can define targeted and individual goals and measures to reduce and prevent the most serious risks. A risk analysis is a fundamental part of corporate due diligence and therefore also a core requirement for Partnership members. The use of T-REXS is not mandatory, but is open to all members.

Member Profile

Partnership members can edit and update their Member Profile on the Partnership website. To be able to register, your e-mail address must first be added to the system. 

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