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The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles has developed two trainings on the topic of chemical management in wet processes and also compiled other materials that are available free of charge. The Textiles Partnership Trainings 'Basic Training' and 'Advanced Training' are based on the GIZ Resource Efficient Chemical Management RECM Toolkit and free to use.

The trainer pool helps with finding suitable trainers for the implementation of chemical management trainings.

Basic Training

The Basic Training is a one-day, modular training to impart basic knowledge in the field of chemical management. The training is aimed at CEOs and middle management in factories with wet processes and consists of a combination of lectures, examples and exercises. The Basic Training thus helps to take the first steps towards establishing sustainable chemicals management.

The topics of the seven modules are:

  • Chemicals in textile – why you should be aware
  • Chemical Management
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Wastewater and Sludge Treatment
  • Health Protection and Occupational Safety
  • Risk Analysis and Action Planning
  • Evaluation and Further Steps

An overview about the Basic Training and the training materials are available in English.

Advanced Training

The Advanced Training is a training program aimed at the in-depth transfer of knowledge and practical skills of good chemical management. The training consists of a combination of training days and factory visits, during which participants are supported in the implementation of what they have learned by means of management action plans, among other things.

Die Trainingsmaterialien stehen Ihnen auf Englisch, Chinesisch und Bengali zur Verfügung.

Other training materials

In addition to producing its own training materials, the Textiles Partnership has also compiled other freely available suitable training materials and training manuals.

More tools and materials can be found on the GIZ platform for Sustainable Industrial Areas. Furthermore, ZDHC has published free webinars on relevant topics on their ZDHC Academy Website (registration required).

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