PST focus topics

Our focus topics

With its focus topics, the Textiles Partnership makes a positive contribution to central problems of the global textile industry. These include low wages, high resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,gender-based violence and discrimination, and the lack of opportunities to report grievances in the workplace.

There is a frame of reference for each focus topic. It provides orientation in terms of content and presents the desired benchmarks and implementation steps. In addition, there are "individual commitments" of the member companies: Using standardised indicators, each member can measure progress in the focus topics individually and the Partnership can measure progress in aggregate. Lastly, the members jointly implement projects that make a measurable contribution to achieving the goals formulated in the reference framework of the respective focus topics.

Living Wages and Purchasing Practices
Weitere Infos, Referenzrahmen und KPI zu Existenzsichernden Löhnen und Einkaufspraktiken
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Circular economy and climate protection
Weitere Infos, Referenzrahmen und KPI zu Kreislaufwirtschaft und Klima
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Gender equality
Weitere Infos, Referenzrahmen und KPI zu Geschlechtergerechtigkeit
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Grievance mechanisms and remedy
Weitere Infos, Referenzrahmen und KPI zu Beschwerdemechanismen und Abhilfe
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