Joint Action
Achieving More Together
The Partnership members work together for social and ecological improvements in producing countries and more impact on the ground.
Companies and associations, non-governmental organisations, trade unions, standard setting organisations and the German Federal Government - the various stakeholder groups in the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles contribute their respective experience and expertise to the projects and Partnership Initiatives. Also and especially in the theses initiatives, the Textiles Partnership can thus play to its strengths as a multi-stakeholder initiative and efficiently join forces.

Partnership Initiatives

Find out more about our ongoing and completed Partnership Initiatives here: complaints mechanisms, living wages, Tamil Nadu, wastewater, chemicals and environmental management.

Joint projects

In opposite to the Partnership Initiatives, these pilot projects often have a smaller scope and fewer project partners. Thus, pilot projects are often more flexible and can provide important insights for more target-oriented and effective impacts along textile supply chains.

Call for Proposals

Get support for due diligence implementation! By joining project partnerships, you can leverage your resources, receive financial support, and take advantage of project assistance provided by GIZ.

Projects Worldwide

Our members and cooperation partners also contribute beyond the work of the PST to the improvement of social, ecological and economic conditions along the entire textile supply chain. In the interactive world map, you will find information on around 50 projects.