Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien

Your Membership in the Textiles Partnership

We kindly invite you to become a member in the Partnership of Sustainable Textiles.

Join our initiative for better working and environmental conditions. Take advantage of the exchange with other members, the support from the Partnership's Secretariat, and collective on-site engagement. As a member of the Textiles Partnership, you will receive information and support to ensure that your company can perform its due diligence.

If you are interested in joining the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, please contact the Partnership Secretariat before applying. Click here you can find the contact details.

Who is eligible to become a Textiles Partnership member?

Interested parties from these stakeholder groups can join the Partnership as ordinary members:

  • Private sector: Brands and retailers in the textile and garment sector as well as associations active in the field of sustainable textiles;
  • Non-governmental Organisations active in the field of sustainable textiles;
  • Trade unions: if they are active in the field of sustainable textiles;
  • German Federal Government: represented through Federal Ministries (BMZ, BMAS, BMUV);
  • Standards organisations: Non-commercial, standard-setting organisations active in the field of sustainable textiles.

Scientific institutions or Federal Government authorities dealing with the issue of sustainable textiles as well as other organisations in exceptional and justified cases can also be accepted as advisory members.

Which obligations does a membership entail?

The members of the Textiles Partnership jointly work for more sustainable production conditions for textiles.

The common goal: social, ecological and economic improvements along the textile supply chain.

The idea behind it: where a single company or organization can only achieve a little, many members together can make a difference.

In the Textile Partnership, the members join forces and strengths, exchange their experiences and develop joint solutions. This not only allows more to be achieved on the road to a sustainable textile industry - it is also more efficient and cost-effective than doing it alone.

Members commit themselves to actively pursue the goals of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles in an implementation-oriented manner. This is done, for example, through participation in projects, project groups or Partnership Initiatives.

Members commit to participate in the Review Process . The Review Process represents the individual commitment of the companies in the Textiles Partnership to take responsibility for sustainability in their supply chain. The aim of the review process is to effectively prevent and mitigate the major social, environmental and compliance risks in the value chain.

How can I join the Textiles Partnership?

If you are interested in joining the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, we kindly ask you to contact the Partnership's Secretariat. We recommend a consultation call before submitting an application. Please feel free to make an appointment by mail (mail@textilbuendnis.com) or give us a call at +49 228 4460 3560.

Membership applications are submitted to the Steering Committee. It decides on the admission of new members.

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