Working Meeting 2020: 1 Livestream, 9 online workshops, 7 Market Booths


Working Meeting 2020: 1 Livestream, 9 online workshops, 7 Market Booths

Informing, playing a part, exchanging views: All this was offered at this year's Working Meeting of the Textiles Partnership on April 21st. Due to the corona virus, not in Cologne as planned, but virtually here on the website for the first time. The recordings of the online workshops and the market booths are still available.
Livestream: Update from the Partnership and Input

The COVID-19 crisis surpasses the capacity of individual actors and affects each member differently. The effects of the crisis on the work of the Textiles Partnership were presented by the head of the Partnership Secretariat Jürgen Janssen in a live stream at the beginning of the Working Meeting: Only through collective action, a partnership approach and shared responsibility can the effects be mitigated, especially at the present time, and the goal of a sustainable textile supply chain be further pursued.

Karl-Hendrik Magnus from McKinsey explained the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the garment and fashion industry based on a study by the consulting firm. Among other things, a consolidation of brand companies and suppliers is to be expected, with a stronger orientation of consumers towards health and sustainability and a more flexible design of supply chains. Details and figures from the McKinsey study will be published shortly in the Sourcing Journal.

Recordings of the online workshops

The nine online workshops covered a broad spectrum, ranging from Circular Economy, Risk Assessment, Supply-Chain Mapping to Complaint Mechanisms. Of course, the current developments and effects of the COVID 19 pandemic also played a role in many areas. We are pleased that we were able to gain around 20 experts* for the workshops. More than 100 people followed the sessions per session. The recordings of the following online workshops can still be viewed via the links in the Programme :

  • 1a Adoption of the ILO Convention 190 –what next? Measures against gender-based violence in textile supply chains
  • 2a SMARTe Ziele formulieren – Fit für den Review-Prozess (recording in German)
  • 2b Reduktion von pre-consumer waste ( recording in German)
  • 3a Verantwortungsvolle Einkaufspraktiken – wo stehen die Unternehmen im Bündnis und was bedeutet „verantwortungsvoll“ in der jetzigen Zeit? (recording in German)
  • 3b Water Stewardship
  • 4a Lieferkettenmanagement in der digitalen Welt – Das Potential von Blockchain (recording in German)
  • 6a Man-Made-Cellulosics“CanopyStyle Audit“ practical mapping tool
The Market Booths will also stay online

The Marketplace with its seven market booths will also remain online. Here you can find some information, documents, pictures and videos of:

  • Water Stewardship, WWF
  • HERrespect, Business for Social Responsibility
  • Protecting the Rights of Women Workers during COVID-19, CARE
  • Chemical Trainings, Systain
  • Partnership Initiative Tamil Nadu
  • Projects worldwide, Project Database of the Textiles Partnership
  • Green Button

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