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The members and cooperation partners of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles contribute beyond the Partnership's activities on improving the social, ecological and economic conditions along the entire textile supply chain. Our interactive world map provides a detailed look into their initiatives as well as information about the respective countries.

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Projects Worldwide

Currently, this database contains 52 projects of our members.


The projects are spread over 43 countries or on a global scale.

Partnership Initiatives

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Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA)

Organic Cotton Accelerator is the only multi-stakeholder organisation dedicated to organic cotton. As a global platform, OCA promotes the integrity, security of supply as well as measurable social and environmental effects of organic cotton.

Aldi Factory Advancement Project (AFA)

Since 2013, the ALDI Factory Advancement (AFA) Project has been an effective instrument for promoting human rights in garment factories in Bangladesh. The project activities aim to develop sustainable solutions to improve working conditions in garment factories.