Detoxing the Fashion Industry for Dummies


Detoxing the Fashion Industry for Dummies

Written by ZDHC Executive Director Frank Michel, the book simplifies complex realities and offers valuable insights into how to take action and implement already proven innovations to accelerate change.

The book is a freely available manual to empower fashion brands - big and small - to get the insights and information needed to detox their supply chains. And to enable customers to differentiate a greenwash from a stonewash when it comes to their textile choices.

Bild Buch Detoxing the Fashion Industry

As a guide to this sustainable fashion revolution in chemistry it is packed with details about how apparel production works, what goes into the process, how it can impact the environment and tangible actions taken by brands to solve this.


At our page on Chemical and Environmental Management you find further information about responsible chemicalmanagement, good housekeeping, our trainings and material.

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