Together towards sustainability


Together towards sustainability

The new Steering Committee starts its term of office

We are pleased to announce that the Steering Committee of the Textiles Partnership is complete and has started its term of office!

The Steering Committee is the highest decision-making body in the Textiles Partnership. Among other matters, it decides on new projects and advises on the general structure and strategy of the Partnership. Every two years, the members elect representatives of their stakeholder group to the Steering Committee.

The Partnership members elected new representatives in June 2023. This resulted in changes in four of the five groups of actors.
As a result of a post-election, in addition to Katrin Kinza (Deerberg GmbH), Anna Rüchardt (HAKRO GmbH) and Kristina Seidler-Lynders (C&A Mode GmbH & Co. KG), Isabelle Ilori-King will now also represent the business stakeholder group in the Steering Committee. She is a managing partner of Weitblick® GmbH & Co. KG.
We congratulate Isabelle Ilori-King on her seat in the Steering Committee and thank all the candidates for their candidacy! 

The composition of the Steering Committee can be found on our website

We look forward to working with the Steering Committee to make the textile industry more sustainable and for the Partnership to continue to lead the way for just textile supply chains!