4th Session of Webinar Series: Europe’s Green Transition in the Textile Sector


4th Session of Webinar Series: Europe’s Green Transition in the Textile Sector

EU Waste Legislation

Hinweis: Dieses Webinar findet auf Englisch statt.

Join the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, the Green Button and FABRIC  for the fourth session of our six-months webinar series to learn more about the EU’s Green Deal and how it will affect the textile and garment sector. Hear from experts and stakeholders about what’s coming and how to be best prepared.

On 07th February, 10am – 11:30 am CET, we will take a closer look at the landscape of the EU waste legislation together with experts such as Marie-Jeanne Gaertner, (RReuse), Beatriz Fernandez (UNEP) and Edwina Huang (Phoenxt).

Registrations are possible via this link. An overview of the upcoming webinar sessions can be found here.

In July 2023, the European Commission published its proposal to revise the Waste Framework Directive. The main objective of the revision is to make producers responsible for the full lifecycle of textile products and to support the sustainable management of textile waste across the EU. In November 2023, the European Parliament and the Council reached a compromise on the new Waste Shipment Regulation. The primary objective of the new law is to make sure the EU does not longer export its waste problems to third countries. In December, an agreement on new Ecodesign rules followed, including a ban on destroying unsold clothing and footwear. Together, these new laws will change the way the EU handles textiles waste.

In this seminar we will dive into the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) and touch upon the Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR), addressing crucial aspects, including the legislative scope, progress, and promotion of sustainable waste practices. We will particularly explore mandatory extended producer responsibility, as well as end of life criteria to better distinguish textile waste from second-hand clothing.