Members' Meeting 2020


The Partnership's topics are future topics

6th Members' Meeting of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

"On track" was the topic of the 6th Members' Meeting of the Textiles Partnership on November, 24 and 25. In his welcoming address, Jürgen Janssen, head of the Partnership secretariat, emphasised that the course towards due diligence and sustainability is accurate, important and forward-looking. Despite and in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Textiles Partnership is and will remain on track, said Janssen:

"We are able to make this statement today because you have signalled to us in many conversations and through your continuing commitment that the old and new issues we are working on in the Partnership will not be a downturn, but will have tailwind in the crisis: Partnership's topics are future topics."

14 sessions and 26 speakers

During the two days of the event, a total of 14 sessions with a wide variety of Partnership topics were on the agenda: from due diligence and gender-based violence, to responsible exit and living wages, to supply chain transparency and climate protection. We would like to thank the 26 speakers who shared their expertise with the participants in the individual sessions.

Recordings of the public sessions
Panel Discussion "Future supply chain relations"

What will the supply chain relationships of the future look like? And what perspectives and expectations do the players in the production countries have?

These were the questions that our panel discussion dealt with. The panelists also addressed which weaknesses in supply chains have become particularly apparent through COVID-19 and what a "new normal" can and should look like. Prior to the panel discussion, Saskia Hedrich (McKinsey Apparel and Luxury Division) presented the results of the study "Time for change" in a keynote speech.

Please find the summary or view the recording of the keynote speech and the panel discussion here.

Report to the 6th Members' Meeting

In the report to the Members' Meeting we give an overview of what has been happening in the Textiles Partnership in the last few months: among other things, reactions to COVID-19, cooperation with other industry initiatives, interesting facts about the new review process and risk analysis. In addition, you will learn about the progress made by our Partnership Initiatives Grievance Mechanisms, Living Wages, Waste Water and Tamil Nadu. And last but not least, we have summarised the most important information on the new expert groups, new support offerings, publications and communication.


As was the case at the Spring 2020 Work Meeting, there was once again a marketplace at the Membership Meeting. These eight booths were there: