Joint Action

Joint projects

The members of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles are committed to social and ecological improvements in production countries through joint projects.

Because they can create bigger impact together, our members collaborate not only in the partnership itself, but also in joint projects. The goal is to mitigate risks in the textile and apparel industry and to improve social and environmental production conditions. In a joint effort, several members of the Partnership develop solutions and pilot them in production countries.

In contrast to the Partnership Initiatives these pilot projects often have a smaller scope and fewer project partners. Thus, pilot projects are often more flexible and can provide important insights for more target-oriented and effective impacts along textile supply chains.

The pilot project Organic Cotton in India was launched in June 2020. The project on gender-sensitive social audits is still in the planning stages.

Current Pilot Projects

Organic Cotton in India

Investing in organic and fair trade cotton in India: A partnership model to increase the supply of organic cotton in the global market.

Gender-based Violence and Harassment

Pilot project in Bangladesh: Making social audits more gender-sensitive

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