Mutual Support
Learning & Dialogue
The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles sees itself as a platform for knowledge exchange, learning and dialogue.

The Partnership members appreciate the dialogue within their own groups, but also with other stakeholder groups. In webinars and workshops, expert and project groups as well as with the help of tools and support material, they prepare information and experiences and share them with the other members. An internal platform (Login for members) enables the PST members to inform themselves about upcoming dates and topics, to network and to coordinate the work in project groups.

Together, the Partnership members work on solutions and best practices for the challenges in the textile sector. Thanks to our holistic approach, we cover a wide range of topics in the Textiles Partnership (see also Topics). For example, there are working and expert groups, peer learning groups and strategy groups on supply chain transparency, purchasing practices, chemical safety or natural and man-made fibres.

Guides and Resources

Many guides, handouts and other information materials are publicly available. You can download them in the download area.

Trainings and E-Learnings

Mit E-Learnings lassen sich Wissen und Methoden breit und barrierefrei in der Lieferkette zugänglich machen. Das Textilbündnis und einige seiner Partner bieten auf der kostenfreien Plattform atingi Online-Trainings an.


The topics we work on are as diverse as our membership. Learn more about due diligence, sector risks, supply chain transparency, how to deal with complaints and the SDGs.

Face-to-face Events

At two major events per year, the members come together and work in workshops on individual topics. Here you can find out more about the General Assembly and the Working Meeting of the Textiles Partnership.