The Partnership

Members´ Meetings

Once a year the members of the Textiles Partnership get together for a Members' Meeting, where they discuss the results, successes, and lessons learned. In workshops, they also work on various topics and solutions for the challenges in the textile sector.

Members' Meeting 2021
Members' Meeting 2020
MV20 Keyvisual

On course - 6th general meeting of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles.


Members' Meeting 2019
Mitgliederversammlung 2019, Textilbündnis

At the fifth members' meeting, the Partnership Secretariat, the Steering Committee and Parliamentary State Secretary Dr. Maria Flachsbarth informed the 100 members and guests about the last year and the plans for the coming years.

Members' Meeting 2018
BnT_Mitgliederversammlung 2018 (36)

The fourth Members' Meeting of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles took place in Berlin on October 30. At the meeting, seven break-out-sessions were realised. The results may now be used by the expert groups for their work.

Members' Meeting 2017
MGV 2017

The Textiles Partnership Members' Meeting on October 11 was attended by more than150 Partnership members and guests in Berlin. Besides speeches, panel discussions with international experts, and workshops, the meeting gave members a chance to discuss and exchange experiences.

Members' Meeting 2016

The Members' Meeting on November 22-23, 2016 was the official start for next steps within the Textiles Partnership. Every member began the upcoming year with a tangible roadmap. The measures were mandatory and verified by an external party. In this way, the progress was transparent and verifiable.

Virtual Working Meeting 2020

At the annual Working Meeting of the Textiles Partnership, the members come together and exchange and discuss in workshops on specific topics. The recordings of the virtual Working Meeting 2020 are still available.