DGCN updates the climate management guide


DGCN updates the climate management guide

Introduction to climate management. Step by step towards effective climate management in companies

Against the background of advancing climate change, holistic climate management is becoming increasingly important for companies. In this way, companies define specific strategic approaches and the embedding of individual measures in an overall concept. The German Global Compact Network as recently revised and updated its guidelines on climate management.

"Our guideline describes the procedure for introducing climate management in detail: from the creation of a greenhouse gas balance to the setting of ambitious science-based climate targets. It can therefore ideally accompany companies on their way to holistic climate management. At the same time, the guide also shows its readers where they can get further information. For example, there is a long list of tools and publications in the appendix that deal with the topic of climate management in more depth. This combination of a step-by-step guide with information on supplementary publications makes the guide so special," says Lena Kern from the GGCN.

The guide is aimed at companies of all sizes and offers concrete and practice-relevant information, approaches and tools to introduce effective climate management step by step. The guide is divided into four main steps:

  1. Establishment of the greenhouse gas balance,
  2. Development of climate targets,
  3. Measures to achieve the objectives, and
  4. Reporting and communication.

Further information on the sector risk climate & greenhouse gas emissions and the activities of the Textiles Partnership can be found here.