Report from the strategic meeting: More focus, more efficiency, more internationalisation

The Steering Committee met at a strategic meeting on 22 and 23 November 2017. After a brief look back at what had already been accomplished, the focus was on decisions about the next phase of the Partnership.

Thanks to the lessons learned in the first round of the Roadmap process, the process was improved and refined accordingly for 2018. This means that the Textiles Partnership now has a solid basic structure and can enter a new phase with great strides: in the next three years, the goal is to strengthen implementation, explore existing issues in greater depth and, if necessary, highlight new aspects as well as expand international partnerships. The Partnership aims to make a stronger impact, especially through the interaction of the three pillars ‘Individual responsibility of members’, ‘Collective engagement in producing countries’ and ‘Learning and dialogue’.

At the same time, the Steering Committee decided on several areas of focus for 2018: in addition to living wages, these include further support for the Review Process, results measurement in the Partnership and the continued pursuit of the Partnership Initiatives.

To ensure that these issues are addressed successfully in the future, the Steering Committee also decided to reorganise the existing processes and structures.

The goal is to design structures and processes in such a way that members can be involved in developing solutions more efficiently, more flexibly and with a stronger focus on goals.

This also ultimately affects the structure of the existing working groups: as the mandates of the five working groups are set to expire at the end of this year, it is currently being determined how their tasks can continue to be addressed in a modified, more efficient structure. We are currently considering shifting individual issues to smaller expert groups set up for a limited period of time which are made up of representatives of member organisations and can concentrate more on the issues and challenges at hand.

We will keep you updated on how processes and structures will be shaped in the future. For its next meeting on 25 January 2018, the Steering Committee tasked the Partnership Secretariat with further developing an initial existing proposal on the reorganisation of the Partnership. The Steering Committee also once again invited Ms Heike Hess from the Internationaler Verband für Naturtextilwirtschaft (International Association of Natural Textiles – IVN) as a guest to the Steering Committee meetings of the current term.

Finally, the Steering Committee also emphasised the issue of internationalisation of the Partnership: The Partnership Secretariat will continue to pursue in 2018 the strategic cooperation currently being initiated with the Dutch Agreement on Garment and Textile (AGT) and Action, Collaboration, Transformation (ACT). The Steering Committee also decided to sign a ‘Letter of Intent’ with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, paving the way for further collaboration.