Milestone Set – Textiles Partnership Embarks on the Next Leg

Textilbündnis, Members’ Meeting 2016 | © GIZ

The Members’ Meeting on November 22nd and 23rd, 2016, is groundbreaking and the official starting signal for the next steps in the Textiles Partnership. Every member will be starting the new year with a concrete action plan. The measures are binding and will be verified externally. This way, progress is made transparent and verifiable. Thus, the Partnership comes a lot closer to its goal to achieve more sustainability in the textile supply chain – for example, by enforcing living wages, better work safety or avoidance of toxic chemicals.

Where do we want to go? Where do we stand? How do we move forward? These questions will be answered by the so-called “review process” which has been developed by the Textiles Partnership this year to monitor its own progress. In order to determine their departure point, all members have to answer key questions until the end of January 2017 – for example, regarding the usage of natural fibres, the utilization of chemicals or the promotion of living wages in production facilities. On this basis, Partnership members are going to verbalize individual goals and will begin with the implementation in the coming months. As support for this process, a specifically developed IT-tool will be launched during the Members’ Meeting. 2017 is very much geared towards implementation. In the following year, members are going to report on to what extent they have achieved their roadmap goals. Furthermore, all have consented to an external evaluation by an independent service provider.