New structure for the Members area

The A-Z search can now be found in the horizontal menu bar. Here you will find the most important information, arranged by keywords. This will make navigation easier and help you to find the folder and documents you are searching for more quickly. English speaking users can now find an overview of the site navigation by clicking on the `English´ button in the top menu.

The vertical menu bar has also been restructured.

Under the section entitled Information for Members of the Partnership, you will find the latest information on the work carried out by the Partnership bodies (News from the Partnership’s Bodies), such as decisions of the Steering Committee and minutes of the Working Group meetings, as well as on Public Relations, with information on reporting and materials for public relations work.

The section entitled Pillars of the Partnership features the three core elements of the Partnership:


  • the Partnership Initiatives group includes all information about planned Partnership Initiatives or Initiatives that have already been started;
  • the Review Process group provides guidance and instructions relating to the roadmap process and reporting;
  • and the Tools & Assistance group contains information about the newly structured question grid, organised by topic.
  • From now on, the work of the Partnership’s individual bodies (e.g. specialist working groups, Steering Committee, etc.) will be pooled under the section entitled Bodies. Only the members of the respective body may access these groups.


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