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Promotional Clothing, Blank Clothing, Menswear, Womenswear, Kidswear, Babywear, Bespoke Production, Made in Africa, Organic Cotton

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Sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do. For two decades, we've done business in a way that protects people, planet, and prosperity - always without compromise. We introduced organic cotton to our collection in 2005, and since 2019 all the cotton we've used has been organic.


Founded back in 2000, we are an award-winning supplier of blank garments, ready for decoration. Our aims today are still the same as they always have been - to make “Well Made” garments: using premium yet sustainable fabrics and great designs while taking care of everyone involved in the supply chain and to be respectful to the planet around us

We were the first people in the printwear industry to introduce organic cotton to the market in 2005. We furthered our commitment to sustainability in 2019, when we successfully switched out all the cotton in our production to organic.

Our aim is to change the industry’s perceptions by educating & collaborating with our suppliers, team, customers, competitors, non-profits and other stakeholders to make meaningful change. We are thankful to be part of many initiatives and organisations who share our vision of working towards improving our impact.

We remain an independent brand which allows us to fully embrace the triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profitability.

With ranges for adults, kids and babies, there is truly something for everyone at Mantis World. We also have a bespoke team that specialise in producing clothing for brands and companies looking for something specific yet sustainable.



In 2020, we launched our Impact Calculator. This tool allows the wearer on Mantis World garments to see the environmental impact of their choice, plus follow the supply chain to see where it was made. QR codes on the inside care labels of our garments take customers through to a white label site with no mention of Mantis World. There, they'll find the water, emissions, pesticides, and energy that has been saved by choosing organic over conventional. They can also track the traceability of the garment, from the raw material to our warehouses. The purpose of this is so customers can continue to share the good news – no matter how many hands the garment passes through in its life.

This allows brands buying larger numbers of garments to calculate their total impact easily, and to see the difference themselves. Presenting them with the data to use as they wish means they can incorporate it into their own sustainability reporting with ease. As for us, knowing the difference each of our garments has on the environment helps us to understand our impact too, vital for reporting to the incitatives and organisations we work with as well as our stakeholders.



Textile Exchange, Common Objective, UNFCCC/CDP, FairWear, WRAP/SCAP, Canopy



GOTS, OCS, GRS, RCS, PETA Vegan, Oekotex



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