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Bangladesh, country of South Asia

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Sustainable Public-Art-Shirts with a Story may now be just a click away from customers’ wardrobes. Ethical Made is the new contemporary art-focused, small batch sustainable clothing brand based in Cologne, Germany focused on ethical fashion, designed to actively do something against climate change. Hence, our motto is ‘Per Product One Tree Planted.’ Thus we have partnered with PLANTED HQ gGmbH, a registered charity dedicated to reforestation. PLANTED not only aforest new sites, but they also intermix tree monocultures with new trees in order to foster the highest survival rate for our forests. Therefore, the next time you want a "Tee that tells a story", you can order it from Ethical Made to make an eco-conscious choice and to reduce your carbon footprint and help make the earth a better place.


We love to create sustainable fashion with ethical standards that makes others happy and that allows people to express their personality.



Ethical Made strives to continuously integrate sustainability into our business, using innovative ways to make our products while minimising our environmental footprint and improving the lives of our employees and people in the communities in which the company operates. We are involved at every stage of our supply chain, build long-term relationships with our partner factories and suppliers, and maintain an innovative and transparent corporate culture. In this way we constantly encourage ourselves to really make a difference. If you choose sustainable and ethical fashion, you are not only acting environmentally conscious, but also socially. With a clear conscience that you will not harm the environment, other people or animals with your purchase. We want to perceive the entire value chain of our product, operate sustainably and build long-term relationships and continuously improve every single step. Our production respects the environment, is transparent and authentic. We stand for sophisticated fashion, in the manufacturing process of which not only fragments and individual sections are considered under fair and ecological aspects, but the entire process - from start to finish.



Foundation Development and Climate Alliance, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, 1% for the Planet



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