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The Company’s approach to business and to product creation is deeply rooted in its values of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. This has been part of the Company’s heritage and culture since the founding in San Francisco in the 1960s, and remains as its ethos today. The goal is to continue to be a leader in pushing ideas to the forefront of the fashion industry. The Company’s sustainability strategy builds upon circularity. The concept of a circular fashion rests on the respectful use of both material resources and human resources. In an inclusive, circular economy, growth will be based on human capital instead of the extraction of natural resources. Waste is no longer an option. The Company’s goal is to create timeless and high quality garments in a way that is respectful to the planet. Moving towards circularity, the Company incorporates the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in its sustainability strategy.


About Esprit:

Fueled by the vision of essential positivity, Esprit was founded in California by couple Susie and Doug Tompkins in 1968. Inspired by the revolutionary spirit of the 60s the brand developed a clear philosophy – always celebrating real people and togetherness, in line with the brand's promise: “We want to make you feel good to look good”. The success story of Esprit is based on two pillars: Delivering joy every day through laid-back tailored, high quality essentials and carefully selected fashion-forward pieces while staying true to its core values of sustainability, equality and freedom of choice. Example: In the early 90ies, long before "Eco Fashion" became fashionable, Esprit debuted its first “ecollection” made of 100% organic cotton and featured its own team instead of models in in honor of their “Real People Campaign.”

Keeping this spirit alive since day one, today Esprit has a presence in over 30 countries around the globe. Esprit’s headquarters are located in Germany and Hong Kong, where the brand has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1993.

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We are driving the transition to circular fashion. Circular Fashion seeks to manage the full life-cycle of our products, from design to the use phase of finished product and beyond, in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way. We are committed to taking all necessary steps to minimize the impacts of the production of our garments, to use and reuse safe materials and to protect the ecosystem. Additionally, we incorporated the UN SDGs into our strategy. In determining our approach, we kept all 17 SDGs in mind so that we could align our activities with the broader global sustainability agenda.

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Fair Labor Association (FLA), Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC), Apparel and Footwear International RSL Management (AFIRM), Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Weitere



Responsible Wool Standard



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