Welcome to the Partnership: WiBU TextilPlus GmbH


Welcome to the Partnership: WiBU TextilPlus GmbH

We are pleased to welcome WiBU TextilPlus to the Textiles Partnership.

The company from Schleswig-Holstein offers services and products for all textile needs for major customers in the social sector.

WiBU TextilPlus sees quality and durability as particularly important factors for the production of workwear and home textiles. Therefore, manufacturing and distribution processes are based on recognised and common textile standards. For example, selected production companies manufacture exclusively in Germany. All fabric manufacturers and suppliers are certified and committed to compliance with ecological and social standards.

In addition, the company has been in the Green Button certification process for a short time in order to be able to label their products with the governmental, independent textile seal by the end of the year.

Managing Director Simone Kraus explains: "Function and emotion is the value proposition that customers all over Germany should associate with the WiBU subsidiary. We always try to offer a portfolio of quality products with textile added value for the customer. In this way, we guarantee products with a long life cycle and continuously increase our overall performance based on our sustainable development initiative".

You can find more information about WiBU TextilPlus GmbH at https://www.wibu-textilplus.de/.