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Welcome to the Partnership: pervormance international GmbH

We welcome pervormance international GmbH to the Textiles Partnership! The Steering Committee approved the admission to the private sector stakeholder group at its meeting in February.

Pervormance international is a young family-owned company from Ulm. According to Gabriele Renner and Sabine Stein, they are in charge of the only German company that develops, manufactures and sells active cooling textiles. They address customers who live and work under heat stress or spend their leisure time, for example in medicine, occupational health and safety, but also in sports and leisure.

Pervormance international has developed a system techology whose whose core consists of a special high-tech fleece: "The high-tech COOLINE SX3 fleece is capable of binding water in seconds inside the 3D material and storing it firmly in the core or directly on the fleece fibres. This results in an enormously large surface area of water molecules which are capable of actively cooling in any heat situation. Under pressure, no water drops or condensation form. All products are dry and hygienic on the outside. A natural antibacterial finish with DEOXX fresh keeps you cool and fresh. It works "like an air conditioner to put on" with much less CO2 pollution.

The start-up with around 10 employees joined the UN Global Compact in 2012 and has been climate-neutral since 2013. It produces the core technology in Germany and manufactures in the EU. In addition, pervormance international is a member of the Alliance for Development and Climate and is committed to Plant-for-the-Planet.

Sustainability, social standards and environmental protection have played an important role in the company since its establishment. The Ulm-based company compensates for its own energy requirements with a forest conservation project in Papua New Guinea. pervormance international would like to contribute its expertise in the aforementioned areas to the Textiles Partnership.

Further information can be found here: www.e-cooline.de

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