Voices on Textiles #2: Interview with Jürgen Janssen


Voices on Textiles #2: Interview with Jürgen Janssen

Jennifer Federico from HEJSupport interviewed Jürgen Janssen, Head of the Partnership Secretariat, to discuss ideas about how to achieve a world with sustainable textiles.

The interview is part of the second issue of Voices on Textiles - a collection of articles and interviews by contributors the guest blog on the website of HEJSupport. A large part of the interview is about the Textiles Partnership, its goals, members and activities. Janssen states:

‘The Partnership has been a multi-stakeholder initiative from the very beginning. The challenges that we are facing in this industry are so complex that it really needs a broader approach, including civil society and all the relevant stakeholders. […] Being a multi-stakeholder initiative is one of our key reasons of being and there’s no need to have another industry-only initiative. Again: To drive the change, it is important to have all stakeholders involved.

Asked about his recommendations on how to achieve a world with sustainable textiles, he answers:

For consumers, I would certainly recommend buying less and of higher quality. […] Secondly, I think it’s also important for companies to actively engage and go on this journey towards sustainability and responsible business conduct. My conviction is that sustainability and responsibility of companies for what they are doing is already and will increasingly be part of the successful positioning in the market. Thirdly, sustainable textiles need a favorable market and regulatory environment. This is the task for governments and international organizations that shape the framework conditions for the industry and provide support for change. And last and certainly not least, the efforts of businesses, governments, civil society, trade unions and industry organizations should be aligned for increased impact. Here, multi-stakeholder initiatives like the Textiles Partnership can play an important role as they provide platforms for dialogue, learning, transparency, exchange of ideas, positions and requirements and for joint planning and executing of activities and initiatives towards a more sustainable and responsible textile and garment industry.

You can read the full interview here: Interview with Jürgen Janssen, Head at the Office of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles – Sustainable Fashion (sustainfashion.info)

In this issue of Voices on Textiles you will find interviews with Brigitte Zietlow, Senior Expert for textile and leather industry at the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt, UBA), Johannes Norpoth, Coordinator of the Civil Society Group in the German Partnership on Sustainable Textiles, Jürgen Janssen, Head of the Office for the Partnership of Sustainable Textiles and articles written by Maria Delfina Cuglieva Wiese, SAICM Secretariat at UNEP and Eugeniy Lobanov, Director of Ecoidea, Belarus.