Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien

Textile Exchange and the Partnership of Sustainable Textiles get together to increase the sustainability in the textile industry

[Milan: October 23, 2018] Today the global working nongovernmental organisation Textile Exchange and the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) and agreed on a cooperation to promote the development and use of sustainable materials and fibres in the clothing industry.

With this focus, the cooperation covers the following fields:

  • Capacity building and knowledge transfer for stakeholders of the textile- and clothing sector, within the development and implementation of strategies for the use of sustainable fibres
  • Support the collective engagement of the production countries due to exchange of experience and dialog between producers, brand manufactures and more relevant stakeholder of the supply chain
  • Promoting of the (international) alignment of requirements on companies and standards
  • Development of measure instruments for documentation and verification of sustainability-programs to achieve significant improvements in this branch

After signing the LOI Textile Exchange and the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles will collective concrete the fields of cooperation, communicate and further implement first activities together.

About Textile Exchange: Textile Exchange is a global non-profit that creates leaders in the sustainable fiber and materials industry. Textile Exchange also manages and promotes a suite of six leading industry standards, including organic, recycled, responsible down and responsible wool, as well as, collects and publishes critical industry data and insights that enable brands and retailers to measure, manage and track their use of preferred fiber and materials. With more than 260 members who represent leading brands, retailers and suppliers, Textile Exchange has meaningfully accelerated the use of preferred fibers and increased the adoption of standards and certifications across the global textile industry.

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