Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien
SDG 12

SDG12: Responsible Production and Consumption

Humanity consumes far more resources than planet Earth can offer. The Global Footprint Network calculated that 3.2 Earths would be necessary, if the global population continued to live like the German people. For Australia and the USA, five Earths would be necessary! Adopting a lifestyle and economic behaviour respectful to our planet's natural resources is long overdue. To ensure its success, we must change our production and consumption habits. This also applies to the textiles industry as it is of the most resource-intensive sectors with consumption steadily increasing.

The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles actively advocates sustainable consumption and production. To facilitate the latter, the Textiles Partnership published, among other materials, a guideline for the procurement of sustainable wool and avoiding hazardous chemicals. Additionally, all members of the Textiles Partnership are obliged to realise measures that increase awareness regarding sustainable textiles production. For example, businesses train their suppliers. Civil society organisations launch campaigns to inform the consumer about sustainable textile consumption and thus strengthen the public awareness on environmental consequences caused by the production of textiles.

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