Work cleanly: Environmental and sustainability management in the downstream supply chain

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Work cleanly: Environmental and sustainability management in the downstream supply chain


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Vietnam and the PR China are often not only procurement markets for textiles, but also part of the value chain. For sustainability-oriented companies, therefore, it is not only the production conditions at the procurement locations that are decisive, but also where the materials come from. Since, at the beginning of the project, over 80 percent of VAUDE products were already manufactured at the production site in accordance with international social and environmental standards (e.g. Fair Wear, bluesign), the project concentrated on cooperation with material suppliers.

The Aim of the Project

The overall objective was to create international sustainability and environmental standards and to implement an active environmental management among material suppliers and their employees.


The improved ecological production conditions should, among others, reduce the health burdens on employees. To this end, the following measures were implemented:

    • General sensitisation of production managers and employees to sustainability issues.
    • Supplier trainings, consulting appointments and general knowledge transfer on various topics.
    • Praktische Hilfestellungen für die eigenverantwortliche Umsetzung von Maßnahmen im Bereich des betrieblichen Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsmanagements
Erzielte Wirkungen 
    • Savings of about 550 tonnes of waste, 5,500m³ of water, 18 million kWh of energy and about 5,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions 
    • Reducing the costs per company for energy, resources and materials by an average of around 50,000 euros, thereby strengthening their competitive position. 

The project contributed in particular to SDG 13 (climate protection measures) and 8 (sustainable economic growth and decent work for all).

"We have gone from being a customer to a partner to our suppliers."

Interview with Bettina Roth, Head of Quality and Chemicals Management/CSR at VAUDE

Further information

PDF: From sewing threads to jackets, Publisher: VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

PDF: Environmental Stewardship Programm für Lieferanten, Publisher: VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

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