New Strategic Cooperation with the Open Apparel Registry


New Strategic Cooperation with the Open Apparel Registry

Joint Action to improve transparency in the Garment Sector

The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles and the Open Apparel Registry (OAR) announce a new strategic cooperation. The Partnership will contribute to the uniform and reliable OAR database of production facilities that can be accessed by all actors in the textile and clothing industry. The agreement between the two organisations aims to improve transparency in the sector and strengthen cooperation between its different stakeholders.

Cooperation focus:
  • Awareness raising: OAR and the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles are working together to increase knowledge about the OAR and the use of freely available data for the exchange of information.
  • Capacity Building: The two organisations want to convey to all stakeholders in the textile sector - especially trade unions and civil society organizations - how they can add OAR information and use it for their own work.

The OAR and the Textiles Partnership are convinced that uniform and reliable data about supplier networks and supplier affiliation in the global textile and garment industry is an important building block for improving sustainability and enabling closer collaboration within the industry.

'With currently nearly 47,000 production facilities in the database, the OAR is the most important public platform for a clear identification and attribution of production facilities in the textile and garment industry. We are pleased that the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles is now actively working with the OAR, thereby strengthening this important cooperative approach to greater transparency in textile supply chains.' Jürgen Janssen, Head of the Partnership Secretariat.  

'We’re happy to announce this strategic cooperation with the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles and look forward to benefiting from the deep expertise and extensive network of the Partnership as we work to raise awareness of the OAR as an enabling technology for supply chain management and data sharing. This cooperation marks a significant milestone in our work with organisations throughout the sector to untangle complex apparel supply chains.' Katie Shaw, Chief Operating Officer, Open Apparel Registry.

The Partnership takes a first step and publishes joint supplier list on the OAR

In line with the goals of the strategic cooperation, the Partnership has published an initial aggregated list of suppliers with a total of around 6,900 production facilities from 23 member companies on the Open Apparel Registry platform . In this way, the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles contributes to the database of publicly accessible, reliable supply chain information and thus promotes transparency in the industry.

Open Apparel Registry platform

The Open Apparel Registry platform is an open source tool which maps garment facilities worldwide and assigns them a unique identification number. The OAR serves as a central source of truth for the identification of production facilities and their affiliations by combining supplier lists of different stakeholders in the textile, shoe and clothing industry in a central, independent and publicly accessible database. The OAR thereby aims to eliminate confusion and improve the identification of production facilities and, in doing so, to promote and facilitate closer cooperation between different stakeholders.

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