Welcome to the Partnership: textilekonzepte


Welcome to the Partnership: textilekonzepte

We welcome textilekonzepte GmbH to the Textiles Partnership.

Textilekonzepte is an agency for corporate fashion, textile production, trade fair clothing as well as employee and promotion clothing. The GOTS-certified company with headquarters in Hamburg currently employs eight people. textilekonzepte designs, manufactures, prints and commissions textiles for companies. In an in-house textile printing facility, garments are refined by transfer and digital direct printing. Sustainability is an important matter of concern for the company both in textile production and in corporate management.

In the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, textilekonzepte would like to exchange experiences with other members, raise awareness for more sustainability and obtain information about the situation in the countries manufacturing garments and textiles.

"For us, it's about doing our best - not only for the product, but also with regard to human rights and the environment. For this reason, we have been GOTS certified since 2011 and have now decided to join the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. Every year we strive to improve our quality and remain true to our principles, which include human rights, working conditions, environment and combating corruption," says CEO Claudia Schulz:

"We respect the fundamental human rights conventions and adhere to the ILO core labour standards, thus creating a safer and more humane working environment. We maintain long-term relationships with our suppliers and encourage them to produce more sustainable textiles and to acquire the relevant certificates. We have high expectations of our partners, which they document by signing our Code of Conduct. But we also stand by their side in exceptional situations such as COVID-19, as we do not cancel any orders, accept longer delivery times and help with production changes, such as mouth-nose protection".

You can find further information on the website of textilekonzepte: https://www.textilekonzepte.de/

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