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Welcome to the Partnership: RETAILPRAXIS GmbH

We are pleased to welcome RETAILPRAXIS GmbH to the Textiles Partnership.

The international company based in Düsseldorf develops, produces and distributes fashion/sportswear at brand level, particularly in the categories of sport, music and film, including streetwear concepts for leading Bundesliga clubs in specialist retail quality. A passion of the two owners is their own professional ACTS Parkourwear Collection.

Six employees currently work for the sustainable and soon to be Grüner Knopf-certified company. RETAILPRAXIS GmbH has its own foreign offices in the production countries Italy, Portugal, China, India and Bangladesh.

By selecting natural and sustainably produced raw materials, RETAILPRAXIS GmbH strives for ecological sustainability in production. As a member of the BSCI (amfori), the company has also been committed for years to improving the working conditions of textile workers.

"We joined the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles to exchange ideas with other members and contribute to visibly establishing sustainability in the textile industry. We want to make a targeted effort to promote sustainable forms of production, not only on paper, but especially in the Asian producing countries. To this end, we have many years of experience in the industry and expertise in international clothing production," comment the two managing directors Claus Busse and Andreas Puchert.

You can find more information on the website of RETAILPRAXIS GmbH: www.retailpraxis.de.

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