Welcome to the Partnership: erlich textil


Welcome to the Partnership: erlich textil

We are pleased to welcome erlich textil to the Textiles Partnership.

Erlich textil is a fair fashion label from Cologne with around 15 employees. The start-up specialises in underwear and basics for women, men and children, home textiles and personal care products. Erlich textil sells all products directly via its own online shop.

Erlich textil produces climate-neutral  and exclusively in Europe. Sustainable materials such as organic cotton (n.b.A.), Lenzing Modal and linen are used. Individual collections, such as children's underwear, are GOTS and Grüner Knopf certified.

Erlich textil claims to carry out risk analyses on a regular basis: "Our aim is to minimise or completely avoid negative effects in the long term - as long as we can exert direct influence on them. We base our analysis on the OECD guidelines and the ILO Convention on the Respect and Implementation of Human Rights, and to systematically address potential country-specific risks".

The start-up also considers the calculation of the product carbon footprint and climate neutrality in companies to be important. By exchanging and imparting expert knowledge within the Textiles Partnership, the founders of erlich textil hope to further professionalise structures and processes, especially with regard to supplier management.

"We are clearly against fast fashion. Instead, we are concerned with making the right decisions in terms of production locations, partnerships, material selection and packaging. We want to do business fairly and sustainably. At present we are still too small to create an impact and change in the fashion industry on our own. Therefore we are dependent on partners and experts who pursue similar goals as we do. As we already have the Grüner Knopf, the Textiles Partnership is a good complement to our work," Katharina Henning, CSR Manager at erlich textil.

You can find more information on the website of erlich textil: https://erlich-textil.de/

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