Latest news from the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee held its 22nd meeting in Berlin on 30 November. At this event, the Steering Committee set out key items for the year ahead and discussed issues feeding into longer-term planning. The Review Process will be further simplified and improved for the 2019 reporting period. The Committee also approved the Partnership Initiative on Living Wages.

Review Process 2019

TexPerT will be opened for the 2019 Review Process on 8 January. All members have to enter their data by 31 March, which will then be verified by an independent third party. The Partnership will then publish its members’ Roadmaps and Progress Reports in the summer.

As before, the Partnership Secretariat will provide you with intensive support during reporting for the Review Process. Starting in January, you can find comprehensive information about this in the Members’ area. You can also send your questions to at any time.

What’s new in the Review Process

The requirements for both mandatory and recommended targets have been tightened up based on the experience gained in 2018. Definitions, information about admissible evidence and links to appropriate support services for each target will be available in standardised factsheets. The comparison of standards has also been expanded such that some targets no longer need to be set if you already meet the requirement by means of a membership or a certificate. The requirement to declare support for zero tolerance of corruption is another mandatory target that has been added for 2019. The existing target for wastewater has been tightened to enable the Partnership to agree that the ZDHC wastewater standard will be the minimum standard for wastewater discharge in the textile industry. Alongside these substantive improvements, the Steering Committee agreed that even more support and advice would be provided by the Partnership Secretariat and the verifiers during the Review Process in 2019.

A new look for the Roadmaps

The publicly accessible reports should be more clearly structured and comprehensible in the coming reporting year – based on feedback from the members. For example, it should be easier to recognise targets that have been achieved, and the structure should provide stronger links to due diligence requirements. The data that have to be published will remain unchanged.

Partnership Initiative on Living Wages

2019 will see the start of the Partnership Initiative on Living Wages. The initiative is designed to offer all members the chance to become involved, irrespective of their size or procurement markets. At its meeting, the Steering Committee once again emphasised the relevance of Partnership Initiatives for our common goals, along with the expectation that as many members as possible would participate in the Partnership Initiative. Detailed information about the Partnership Initiative is available here.

Grievance mechanisms

The Steering Committee has given the green light to continuing work on effective grievance mechanisms. This will include offers of support and planning a Partnership Initiative in 2019. Here, too, members are invited to participate.

Contact: Anneke Bremer

Impact assessment

The Steering Committee wishes to continue making genuine progress with the achievement of results by individual members and by the Partnership as a whole. It therefore approved a preliminary results concept for the topic of living wages with the aim of expanding it to embrace chemicals and environmental management. Data collection is expected to begin next year. Baseline data from TexPerT will be used in order to keep the workload for the members to the minimum. To this end, existing questions on living wages have been tightened up in some places.