Welcome to the Partnership: Jefferys GmbH


Welcome to the Partnership: Jefferys GmbH

We are pleased to welcome Jefferys GmbH to the Textiles Partnership.

Jefferys has specialised in high-quality corporate fashion and accessories for over 25 years. The company's core competencies are based on the pillars of consulting, development, production, customisation, textile finishing and logistics with a special focus on sustainable practices.

On sustainability, Jefferys writes on its website: "For us, it is a matter of course that our production sites are BSCI certified and the materials used at a minimum comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. But that is not enough for us. In the future, we want corporate fashion to not only look good, but to always use natural resources responsibly. We have set ourselves the goal of tangibly sensitising our customers to this issue and creating a willingness to use appropriate fabrics, accessories and packaging."

Managing Director Michael Jefferys describes the motivation for working in the Textiles Partnership as follows: "We want to play a part in improving working and environmental conditions in the textile industry and are convinced that this can be done better together with others. We hope that our membership in the Textiles Partnership will lead to a lively exchange with market participants, organisations and initiatives as well as access to information and support. We want to think outside the box and can contribute the perspective and implementation possibilities of social and ecological aspects of a small company."

You can find more information on Jefferys at https://jefferys.com.