Welcome to the Partnership: DGW Deutsche Gesellschaft für Recycling


Welcome to the Partnership: DGW Deutsche Gesellschaft für Recycling

We are pleased to welcome DGW Deutsche Gesellschaft für Recycling to the Textiles Partnership.

For more than 30 years, DGW has been taking care of the sustainable, transparent and environmentally friendly recycling of textiles and shoes. The family-owned company is based in Isernhagen near Hanover.

At the beginning of its business activities, the focus was on the collection, sorting and recycling of old textiles and shoes from private households. In view of the fact that sustainability has also become increasingly important in the fashion sector, DGW has expanded its range of services in recent years to include returns, remainders and rejects. As a reliable partner to trade and industry, DGW recycles products that are no longer suitable for regular sale, thus contributing to greater sustainability throughout the product life cycle.

The logistical and organizational concepts developed by DGW ensure that recyclable products do not end up in energy recovery, but are returned to the economic cycle in a sustainable and resource-saving manner. With the DGW-Blueline-System, the company offers dealers and manufacturers a customer-oriented, efficient and legally compliant recycling service with full transparency and documentation.

The DGW management team of Renate and Christoph Raiwa on their commitment to sustainability and membership of the Textiles Parnership: "We see ourselves as an extension of the supply chain beyond the sale of the textiles. By recycling the products further, resources and the environment are conserved and materials are returned to the cycle. We are convinced of the Textiles Partnership's concept of working for high-quality, sustainable and durable products. Together with the other members in the Textiles Partnership, we hope to be able to take a big step towards sustainability and value creation, because in our opinion, responsibility does not end with the sale. Here, an exchange is important to us in order to be active in a sustainable, resource and environmentally friendly way, also with a view to the service life and subsequent recycling options."

You can find further information on the Website of DGW.