Welcome to the Partnership: CHASIN´ Wholesale B.V.


Welcome to the Partnership: CHASIN´ Wholesale B.V.

We are pleased to welcome CHASIN´ Wholesale B.V. to the Textiles Partnership.

CHASIN´ Wholesale B.V. is a Dutch clothing brand based in Amsterdam with around 150 employees. Founded in 1992, the company specializes in the retail and wholesale of textiles with its own stores, but also has a shop-in-shop concept. CHASIN´ distributes in Germany, England, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Austria.

CHASIN´ has joined the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile (AGT). A strategic cooperation has existed between AGT and Textiles Partnership since 2018, which allows companies to become associate members of the respective other initiative. Reporting in one organization is recognized by the other and associate members can take advantage of the offerings of both initiatives. CHASIN´ thus joins the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles as an associate member. In addition, the company is a member of amfori bsci.

Managing Director Frank Huisman describes the motivation for participating in the Textiles Partnership as follows: 'Performance is the essence of our brand. We strive for the very best Jeanswear collections, by selecting the best fabrics and materials. For us, performance goes much further than that. This also means taking responsibility to actively work on making our collection more sustainable. A synergy between the best collections, developed with respect for people, the environment, and animals. Perform to be Aware!'

You can find more information on the website: https://www.chasin.de/