Welcome to the Partnership: International Justice Mission Deutschland e.V.


Welcome to the Partnership: International Justice Mission Deutschland e.V.

We are pleased to welcome International Justice Mission Deutschland e.V. to the Textiles Partnership.

IJM Deutschland e.V. is the German branch of the globally active human rights organisation International Justice Mission (IJM). More than 1,000 employees are active at 26 locations in 19 countries, including the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Around 20 employees work for IJM Deutschland in Berlin.

Together with governments and local authorities, IJM works to protect people living in poverty from violence and to free them from critical situations. At the same time, the association is committed to strengthening local legal and social systems in order to protect those affected in the long term. Another concern of IJM is to sensitise and mobilise civil society, business and politics for the issue of modern slavery.

Through its involvement in the Textiles Partnership, IJM wants to contribute to stopping the exploitation of workers in production countries. IJM sees an important lever in the establishment and expansion of effective complaints mechanisms in production facilities. Greater transparency in supply chains could also help to reduce the spread of human trafficking. The organisation can draw on many years of experience in international cooperation with various stakeholders. IJM is also a member of the German Global Compact Network and the Association for Development Policy and Humanitarian Aid (Verband Entwicklungspolitik und Humanitäre Hilfe deutscher Nichtregierungsorganisationen, VENRO).

Managing Director Dietmar Roller attaches great relevance to the joint work in the Textiles Partnership: "Our vision is to free millions of people from poverty, violence and slavery, protect half a billion people and strengthen justice systems. We believe that only through strong partnerships can we achieve this vision. Since IJM is active in Tamil Nadu, among other places, we would like to support the Partnership Initiative with expertise on exploitation in the textile industry."

More information can be found on the website of the International Justice Mission Germany e.V.: https://ijm-deutschland.de/

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