Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien

Welcome to the Partnership: Health and Environment Justice Support (HEJSupport) e.V.

We are happy to welcome HEJSupport to the Textiles Partnership.

HEJSupport is an internationally active non-governmental organization committed to a healthy environment and environmental justice. The focus is on good chemical management as a cross-cutting issue in the implementation of the SDGs. HEJSupport has been active for some time in the chemicals-related working groups of the Textile Partnership. 

The NGO's goal is to educate the public about hazardous chemicals and to achieve stricter regulation of these substances. HEJSupport helps people affected by chemical contamination and environmental degradation to make their voices heard and strive for solutions. To do this, the organization works with a wide range of stakeholders and actors at the global, regional and national levels.

Beyond its focus on chemicals management, HEJSupport cooperates with other NGOs on gender, social and environmental issues related to textiles. Among other things, the association is a member of UNEP's One Planet Sustainable Consumption and Production program, where it is a member of the Multistakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC). In addition, Co-Director Olga Speranskaya represents civil society in UNEP's Chemicals in Products Programme, which takes place within the framework of SAICM.

Co-director Alexandra Caterbow about membership in the Textile Partnership: "All people have the right to live in an environment that does not make them sick. Since textile supply chains are complex and globally interconnected, the spread of harmful chemicals can only be tackled together with other stakeholders."

You can find more information on the website: https://hej-support.org/

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