Welcome to the Partnership: Global Nature Fund


Welcome to the Partnership: Global Nature Fund

We are pleased to welcome Global Nature Fund to the Textiles Partnership.

The Global Nature Fund (GNF) was established in 1998 as an international foundation for the environment and nature. The foundation acts independently and pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes. The head office is in Radolfzell, further offices are located in Bonn and Berlin. The GNF initiates and implements projects for nature conservation and environmental protection. GNF is also committed to the conservation of habitats and resources with publications and events. Furthermore, the foundation develops projects to promote sustainable management and is involved in several multi-stakeholder dialogues.

Biodiversity is the focus of many GNF projects around the globe and with a variety of partner organisations. In Germany and Europe, the contact and exchange with companies is particularly important to the GNF. Together, they search for solutions for responsible, biodiversity-oriented business.

Together with the organisation FEMNET (also PST member), the GNF is currently implementing the project "Fair Wear Works" on sustainable textile purchasing in companies. The project partners offer advice, training and information material on the textile supply chain and sustainable procurement. Further textile-related projects exist on the reduction of microplastics in lakes and the cultivation of sustainable natural rubber.

Managing Director Udo Gattenlöhner describes the motivation for membership in the Textile Partnership as follows: "With our knowledge and expertise on nature conservation and environmental protection, we want to contribute to a sustainable textile economy. We want to exchange with the other members and collaborate on solutions, especially in relation to biodiversity, climate change, chemicals and water."

Find more information here: www.globalnature.org.