Welcome to the Partnership: Circularity Germany GmbH i.G.


Welcome to the Partnership: Circularity Germany GmbH i.G.

We are pleased to welcome Circularity Germany to the Textiles Partnership.

The textile company from Hamburg pursues a closed-loop approach and focuses on the longevity of the textiles. Only textiles made of mechanically recycled cotton and polyester materials are produced and distributed.

Circularity Germany, like its sister company Circularity B.V. from the Netherlands, initially produces circular knitted textiles such as t-shirts, polos and sweatshirts in 100% recycled quality. Sustainably oriented end consumers are addressed online. In the fashion sector, wholesalers and retailers are supplied and with the "Circularity All-In Concept", the young company has developed its own circular system for industrial customers and sees great potential for this in the field of workwear and corporate fashion. Public institutions are also expected to show great interest.

Germany managing director Robert Kapferer explains the motivation to join the Textiles Partnership: "We want to rethink sustainable textile production and approach it holistically ecologically as well as socially. Our clothing items are circularly designed, are taken back worn by us and largely without harmful environmental influences, purely mechanically recycled and newly produced. The circular economy based on textile waste streams thus becomes an opportunity for us to rebuild new, crisis-resistant and fully integrated production sites in Germany. For us, these locations are a symbol of our attitude towards sustainability towards employees, customers and our planet. We are looking forward to the interdisciplinary cooperation in the Textiles Partnership. Circular economy is teamwork."

Find more information about Circularity Germany GmbH i.G. on www.circularitybv.nl.