Welcome to the Partnership: Blutsgeschwister GmbH


Welcome to the Partnership: Blutsgeschwister GmbH

We are pleased to welcome Blutsgeschwister GmbH to the Textiles Partnership.

The Berlin label Blutsgeschwister was founded in 2001 and tailors "feel good couture" with feminine cuts, materials and patterns. The company is now represented by over 300 retail partners in Germany and abroad. In the spirit of slow fashion, Blutsgeschwister attaches great importance to quality standards and careful production so that the fashion is long-lasting and timeless.

Blutsgeschwister has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2013 and has achieved Leader status in the Fair Wear Brand Performance Check since 2016. On its website, the company writes about FWF membership and social responsibility: "We therefore focus on long-term supplier relationships and support our partners in implementing measures to comply with the Fair Wear Code of Labour Practices. We are convinced that long-term cooperation is key to sustainable change in the supply chain."

The company relies on sustainable materials: in addition to organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation (kbA), Eco Vero viscose, Tencel and recycled polyester are used. Blutsgeschwister is clearly against mulesing wool and does not use mohair, angora, cashmere, fur or silk.

Managing Director Karin Ziegler describes the motivation for working in the Textile Partnership as follows: "We want to collectively help shape changes in the textile industry and drive them forward. In the Textile Partnership, we want to get and give impulses, especially on social issues such as gender-based violence and living wages. At the same time, we hope for support in other issues such as environmental and wastewater management and climate protection. We also welcome an alignment of requirements with other initiatives, such as the Fair Wear Foundation."

Find more information here: https://www.blutsgeschwister.de/de/oeko-faire-mode