Welcome to the Partnership: Artus-Trade House GmbH


Welcome to the Partnership: Artus-Trade House GmbH

We are pleased to welcome the Artus Group to the Textiles Partnership.

The Artus Group sees itself as a solution provider for the circular economy with a focus on the fashion industry. The new Partnership member offers holistic and integrative solutions for the physical processes in combination with digital applications. The target group are clothing brands and retailers who want to implement circular economy. The Portfolio of the Artus Group includes: post-production, waste treatment (pre- and post-consumer), innovative stationary and online take-back solutions, the processing of used clothing for further recycling solutions and the distribution of excess stock.

The company has many years of know-how and a worldwide trading structure. The Artus Group is already involved in Textile Exchange and is GRS certified (Global Recycling Standard).

Managing director Nerses Ohanian (former owner and CEO of the SOEX Group) explains: "We develop digital solutions to simplify the return of used textiles. Our focus is on the sustainable recycling of textiles to protect the environment and save clothing from destruction. It is of great interest to the Artus Group to network with corresponding companies that have also committed themselves to this high level of responsibility. We hope that we will be able to jointly promote forward-looking developments through the Textiles Partnership."