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Booth Partnership Initiative Grievance Mechanisms
Partnership Initiative Grievance Mechanisms

The Partnership Initiative Grievance Mechanisms will be launched shortly. Here you will find important key points on the planned activities.

What is the aim?

The aim of the Partnership Initiative is to improve the access of workers to grievance mechanisms and compensation in the supply chain of the Partnership members involved and to make existing mechanisms effective. The Initiative wants to avoid the parallel existence of many different grievance mechanisms.

What is planned?

To achieve this, the Textiles Partnership cooperates with the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and the Dutch Agreement on Garments and Textiles (AGT). The cooperation enables a number of Partnership and AGT companies to use the FWF grievance mechanism for their Tier-1 suppliers in Vietnam, Myanmar and/or India. The same requirements apply to these companies as to FWF members themselves (see FWF Complaints Procedure below).

The Partnership and AGT companies involved are closely supported in this process: They are supported in establishing internal processes for accepting and resolving grievances and in raising awareness of the mechanism in their supplier factories.

In the long term, the aim is to create a common grievance mechanism that members of different multi-stakeholder initiatives can use. The first phase of the project (approx. 18 months) will thus also be concerned with identifying and defining parameters and elements for such a mechanism. This can later be extended to other countries and companies

Who is involved?

Within the Partnership, the project is embedded in a Partnership Initiative. Cooperation partners are the Fair Wear Foundation and the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garment and Textile. In addition, several Partnership companies and NGOs are participating in the project. The inclusion of further companies is currently (subject to reservation) still possible.

When does it start?

The project partners are currently in the final preparation and coordination loops. The project will therefore be implemented shortly (probably January 2021).

Who can I contact if I am interested?

Contact person in the Partnership Secretariat is Lara Hutt.

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Cooperation project with:
Fair Wear Complaints procedure

The FWF's grievance mechanism offers workers at supplier companies the opportunity to submit complaints about working conditions by telephone, e-mail or app. These are received and processed by local FWF employees. Together with the complainant, the factory and the purchasing company concerned, the complaint is investigated and, if necessary, redress and compensation is provided. The content and status of incoming complaints can be viewed on the FWF website.


Lara Hutt
Coordinator of the Partnership Initiative

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