Companies write a letter to the Indian Government


Companies write a letter to the Indian Government

49 companies, which purchase in India, have approached the Indian government with a joint letter. In the letter, they request Prime Minister Narendra Modi to maintain international labour standards. 14 Members of the Textiles Partnership have also signed the letter.

The integration of international labour standards into national or local law is an important prerequisite for ensuring compliance with minimum standards such as working hours, trade union freedom or health and safety at work. Many Partnership members are thus concerned about current developments in some Indian states.

With the aim of increasing the competitiveness of the factories again after the long lockdown due to COVID-19, adjustments in labour law have been proposed there. These adjustments could result in the labour law no longer corresponding to what is set down in International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions as well as in the Partnership's social objectives. .

49 companies which purchase in India - including 14 Partnership members - are thus now addressing the Indian Prime Minister in a joint letter. In the letter, they are asking the government to continue to legislatively enshrine the rights of workers.

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