New Publication: Procurement of virgin wool


New Publication: Procurement of virgin wool


Happy sheep = good wool? Not automatically. The newly published guideline explains how to keep sheep under good conditions and how to procure sustainable wool. It addresses animal welfare, due diligence and measures against flystrike.

The ‘Five Freedoms’ set international animal welfare standards. Concerning sheep farming this means among others that sheep should not suffer due to overheating, careless shearing, and painful castration methods.

To control the flystrike a surgical procedure called ‘Mulesing’ was introduced about 90 years ago. In this procedure the skin around the sheep´s tail is removed leading to painful wounds. The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles has a clear position against mulesing. The guideline presents alternatives to this procedure.

As in every economic field, due diligence is also important in the process of sheep farming and wool production. Companies need to identify, assess and address virgin wool specific risks. Traceability and assessing key points in the supply chain is essential.

The publication can be found here.

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