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Sector Risks

The OECD identified a number of significantly relevant risks for the textile and garment industry. The topics covered by the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles reflect these sector-specific risks. Working on these issues hinges on the perception of individual responsibility, Partnership initiatives in production countriesby learning and dialogue, and in cooperation with our international partners.

Grafik zu Sektorrisiken: ein T-Shirt, Zahnräder und ein Warnschild

When working on the risks and topics one must consider that they are normally interdependent, meaning they often cause and worsen one another

Human Rights and Social Risks

The Textiles Partnership formulated requirements based on the ILO Conventions concerning its members. The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles offers specific information materials and training on the following topics.

Environment, Climate, Fibres, Animal Welfare

Conditions for resource extraction and use in the production of textiles bring along various risks. The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles offers different information material on topics such as fibres, chemical and environmental management, circular economy and recycling, and climate change.

Corruption Prevention

Corruption is one of the main problems within global supply chains. This often involves violations of human rights as well as suppliers’ non-adherence to environmental and quality standards. Here, the public should be aware of suppliers’ and businesses’ activities.

Grafik Korruptionsprävention, zu sehen ist eine Person, die einer anderen Person Geld gibt und ein Stop-Symbol

The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles demands legal and sustainable action of integrity. The guideline Preventing Corruption in the Supply Chain - How Companies can address Challenges offers support in this area. It was published in cooperation with the Alliance for Integrity and the Global Compact Network Germany .

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