"The MSI-TN is doing a wonderful job" - Statements from Tamil Nadu


"The MSI-TN is doing a wonderful job" - Statements from Tamil Nadu

At the second international Annual Conference of the Multi Stakeholder Initiative Tamil Nadu (MSI-TN) we interviewed some of the conference attendees. Among other things, we asked them how they assess the work of the MSI-TN, how they work with the MSI-TN and what their wishes for the future are.

Mr. A. Narayanasamy, General Manager, Armstrong Spinning Mills

Often the workers in the factories come from different districts and the factory management notes a lack awareness of their rights. This is where the cooperation with the MSI-TN and their trainings pays off: “We are very impressed what the MSI-TN is doing and offering. For example, workers should know what is their salary, what is social compliance and everything. […] We have to keep our workers happy, at the same time business has to continue. […] So yes, if our workers are happy, we are also happy.”

Renida Sarala, Director of WORD (Women's Organisation in Rural Development)

WORD is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in the Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu. The organisation is committed to the promotion of the rural population, especially women and children. WORD Director Sarala on the cooperation with the MSI-TN: “In many mills the girls living there have no sufficient salary, no sufficient rest and no good food. To address these problems, I got in touch with the MSI-TN and we started to work inside the textile mills. Initially, it is difficult to get access to the mills. They do not allow us to work inside the mills. But with the help of the MSI-TN dialogue team we are slowly entering to the mills. This is a great help for us.”

Dr. K. Venkatachalam, Chief Advisor, Tamil Nadu Spinning Mills Association (TASMA)

“The MSI-TN is doing a wonderful job. They are taking care of the workers employed in the textile and apparel industry here in Tamil Nadu”, says Venkatachalam from TASMAabout the MSI-TN. His association will continue to support the MSI-TN so that it can become active in even more districts. Among other things, he highlighted the posters that the MSI-TN provides to the factories: „Safety posters can also be printed in the local languages and displayed in various places prominently so that everyone who crosses the area would understand that these are all the obligations to maintain the safety and the dignity of workers. They help make the factories a good and safe place.”

Dr. K. Rajeswari, Programme Manager, MSI-TN

The engagement as a woman for women is a very personal issue for Rajeswari: „I work as a programme manager for the MSI-TN. In my life, I got a lot of opportunities, that is why I am standing in front of you. But there are lot of women having a lot of potential but still standing in the dark. But once we meet them and give them training, they are getting empowered and they understand what their potential is. Personally, I am happy that I am able to do a certain service for the women. That makes me very happy.”

Prabhu Dhamodharan, Convener, Indian Texpreneurs Federation (ITF)

Dhamodharan (ITFemphasised the importance of providing training and further education for the workers: “We need a more empowered workforce. […] We should take them to the next level, so that everyone takes its own responsibility in achieving excellence. So we need to improve the knowledge and skills of the workers. And we need to ensure that they are working in a happy environment. The aim of our association is to create a happy work place.” The collaboration with the MSI-TN and the other stakeholders helps all, "to work more in progressive goals and make the world more sustainable.”

"The MSI-TN helps..."

Moreover we asked the conference attendees for short statements:

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