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Welcome to the Partnership: HUMANA Second Hand Kleidung GmbH

We welcome HUMANA Second Hand Kleidung GmbH to the Partnership! The Steering Committee approved the admission to the private sector stakeholder group at his meeting in February.

HUMANA runs 32 second-hand shops in Germany. The shop at Frankfurter Tor in Berlin is the largest Second-Hand shop in Europe. The main supplier is the HUMANA Kleidersammlung GmbHwhich gathers and sorts second-hand clothing and has been a member of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles since 2014.

Sustainability and conscious consumption are of great importance to the company. HUMANA uses its profits to provide second-hand clothing for development cooperation. In addition to selling second-hand clothing, HUMANA also contributes by improving the image of second-hand clothes. With its expertise in recycling management, HUMANA would like to further promote this topic within the Textiles Partnership.

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