New Expert Group on Climate Action


New Expert Group on Climate Action

On October 1st, the new expert group (EG) on climate action was launched. It aims to develop best practices for minimising climate risks in all parts of the supply chain. The members of the EG are also discussing solutions to better measure and account for environmental impacts. In a kick-off call, the about 20 EG participants exchanged views on objectives, content and next steps.

Working on the topic, the EG is using two approaches and guidelines in particular: On the one hand, the participants plan to calculate emissions using "science-based targets" and to derive solutions from these. On the other hand, they would like to take up and use the practical solutions from the Playbook of the UN Fashion Charter for Climate Action. Some EG members have been actively involved in the conception of the Playbook and contribute their expertise to the group.

The experts plan to formulate individually tailored climate risk minimisation targets for the Partnership and to initiate individual and joint measures. In addition, they want to provide information and support materials, especially with regard to mechanisms for reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions and for switching to renewable energies. The EG also intends to supplement the Guideline on Preventing the Use of Hazardous Chemicals in Textile Supply Chains with information on emission reduction.

"I am happy that the participants have confirmed the topics from the project plan at the kick-off call. We want to reduce duplication of work and use existing approaches where possible. The experts in the group showed high motivation and bring years of experience from their organisations. They are committed to achieving concrete results on-site in the production countries. For example, the advanced companies want to use capacity building to ensure that their suppliers also identify with the climate protection goals," says Rahel Lemke from the Partnerships Secretariat, who coordinates the new EG.

The following members are involved in the expert group on climate action:
ALDI NORD, ALDI SÜD, Bierbaum-Proenen, BMZ, Brands Fashion, Bremer Baumwollbörse, Bundesverband des Deutschen Textileinzelhandels, Deuter Sport, Dieckhoff Textilsysteme, GOTS, HUGO BOSS, Internationaler Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft, KiK, Lidl, NABU, NKD, OEKO-TEX, ORSAY, ORTOVOX Sportartikel, OTTO, Primark, Sympatex Technologies, Tchibo, Textilbündnissekretariat, Triaz (Waschbär Umweltversand), Umweltbundesamt, VAUDE Sport and ZDHC.

Expert Groups

Expert groups aim to work on individual topics across all three pillars in the Partnership for Sustainable Textile. For Individual Responsibility (pillar 1) this means, for example, that members in the review process must report on climate risks in their supply chain and set themselves risk-reducing targets. Secondly, the EG is exploring possibilities for Collective Engagement (pillar 2) in the producing countries, for example in the form of Partnership Initiatives and training. And thirdly, they are an instrument of Mutual Support (pillar 3)developing, among other things, support materials and trainings and then making them available to all members of the Partnership. In addition, they strive for topic-specific cooperation with relevant partners and organisations.

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